Our Approach

Recovery does not just mean getting better from illness or injury. This is often referred to as clinical recovery and whilst this is very important, our approach to recovery is far broader than this. It embraces a sense of hope for the future, and a sense of personal growth and development that extends far beyond the confines imposed by traditional understandings of illness and injury.

We are committed to providing the highest standards of service provision by keeping the client at the heart of what we do. We place a high value upon empowering our clients to maintain and develop their strengths and independence, to (re)build connections, to attain their full potential and be the best they can be in whatever is important to them.

Our approach understands recovery to be more than just an outcome. It is a process of change. A personally meaningful shift in what we value in life and the purpose that we give that life. Our approach accepts that recovery does not always follow a smooth and easy path. It is characterised by ups and downs, by challenges and celebrations. Because of this, we acknowledge that professional input must be timely and proportionate to need; present at some times, less so at other times.