Case Management, Occupational Therapy & Best Interest Assessment

Whether present at birth or acquired in later life, illness and injury can affect anyone at any time. Grounded in occupational therapy and case management, we are passionate about improving the quality of life for people who have experienced the effects of illness or injury.

We are committed to the empowerment of clients by placing them at the centre of our practice.  This approach allows us to work with our client’s strengths, their preferences and their needs in a way that promotes their personal, as well as their clinical recovery.

We work in partnership and collaborate with a diverse range of private and professional clients. This means that we engage individuals and families, as well as business and local authorities, to bring about the best possible outcomes for those that are in contact with our services.

We are geographically based within East Lancashire. However, this does not restrict us in supporting our clients to access the most appropriate interventions to meet their needs – whether nationally or internationally.

Getting Personal:
Contemporary practice in personal injury/medical negligence

Wednesday 26th September 2018 Burnley Football Club, Burnley

EmSEVEN Ltd are pleased to be organising this conferencing/training event in support of BASIC – Brain and Spinal Injury Centre. Based in Salford Manchester, BASIC aim to serve people recovering from acquired brain injury and spinal injury and their families.

The event offers an opportunity for professional networking and to engage developments in contemporary practice within the field of personal injury/medical negligence. Coffee breaks in the morning and afternoon, along with lunch will give ample time for informal conversation and networking

The programme has drawn together a range of professionals who are scheduled to present an area of their expertise, which will help frame what promises to be a thought-provoking event. A certificate of attendance will also be provided on the day.

Attendance at the event is by ticket only, priced at £50 for all professionals and delegates. The proceeds will be given to BASIC to support their innovative work.

For a donation, we are also offering interested companies the opportunity to exhibit at the event. Please contact Val Sparkes on 07967 400 138 or email for more information.

Speakers to include:

Chris Smith (Senior Associate, Stewarts.)
Karen Stevens (Lead Physiotherapist, STEPS Rehabilitation.)
Dr Tony Sparkes (Dept Social Work & Social Care, Bradford University. Clinical Governance EmSEVEN Ltd.)
Sylvia Moss (Neuro-physiotherapist, BASIC – Brain and Spinal Injury Centre.)
Wendy Edge (Psychotherapist/CEO, BASIC – Brain and Spinal Injury Centre.)
Sarah Acres (Occupational Therapist/Director, Advance Occupational Therapy Ltd.)
Vickie Anderson (Occupational Therapist/Director, Advance Occupational Therapy Ltd.)
Katya Halsall (Vocational Consultant & Functional Evaluator/Director, Voc Rehab UK.)
James Gratton (Head of Personal Injury, E. Rex Makin & Co.)
Tom Ramsay (Orthotist/Director, Mint Rehab Ltd.)
Vicki Bateman (Prosthetist/Orthotist/Director, Mint Rehab Ltd.)
Gregg Stevenson (Physical Training Instructor, Mint Rehab Ltd.)
Esther Gaudoin (Associate, Stewarts.)

For further information and booking form, please contact Val Sparkes on 07967 400 138 or email