Occupational Therapy

Illness and injury can compromise our capacity to engage a whole range of routine activities and our ability to be as independent as possible is undermined. Occupational therapists are qualified professionals who help individuals learn, maintain and develop those skills that are needed for independent living. Through a collaborative process of assessment and intervention, occupational therapists draw upon a range of resources (including specialist knowledge of equipment and adaptations) to enable individuals to develop their strengths and achieve their full potential.

We provide occupational therapy assessments (and subsequent interventions if appropriate) that not only respect protected characteristics under the equality act (2010), but value diversity, personal experience and personal meaning. We are committed to understanding and working with a concept of occupation that is client-centred.

We provide individualised assessment, treatment and advice. We are experienced in using standardised and non-standardised assessments to evaluate needs, such as fine and gross motor, self-care, equipment, postural management and adaptations. Our experience of meeting individual need across the life-span enables us to provide a bespoke service that can encompass, home, school, clinic, hospital or care home establishments. We can also offer assessment for educational tribunals.