EmSEVEN position re: Covid-19

The coronavirus pandemic is having unprecedented effects both nationally and internationally.  During this time of social distancing and self-isolation, remaining safe and well is of paramount importance.

EmSEVEN are fully committed to the safeguarding the health and safety of its clients and its staff.  As a general position, EmSEVEN are following government guidelines and have opted to accept automatic email updates (recommended).  EmSEVEN are also closely following guidance from the Cabinet Office and the NHS.  On a professional level, Staff are monitoring advice from the College of Occupation Therapists and the Health and Care Professions Council

To continue supporting our clients in the best possible way then:

  1. Clients have been advised about current guidance from the government, and where such advice is available.
  2. The position of commissioned services in relation to Covid-19, has been assessed and continues to be monitored.
  3. In terms of home visits, EmSEVEN is following section 9 guidance from the Cabinet office and relevant guidance about how to help safely

In addition to the saturated media coverage, EmSEVEN also recognise that current measures to restrict transmission of Covid-19 may have a negative impact upon an individual’s mental health.  EmSEVEN are therefore following guidance from the Mental Health Foundation and Mind.