Reclaimed Identities: Contemporary practice in personal injury/medical negligence

Due to the success of our 2018 event, EmSEVEN collaborated with OT Solutions and organised a second conference/training event in this popular series for 2019. Supporting LimbPower, the national disability sports organisation, the event was held at Burnley Football Club on Thursday the 19th September 2019. Please see the Summary, Accounts and Feedback document (below) for further information:

Reclaimed Identities: Summary, Accounts and Feedback

With kind permissions, please find the following presentations from the speakers at the event:

Elective Amputation & Osseointegration of the Lower Limb; moving on:  James Gratton (Head of Personal Injury, E. Rex Makin & Co.) and Jonathan Greenall

Fatigue and Energy; Finding the balance:  Sarah Butterworth (Occupational Therapist/Director, Unity OT) and Jo McLoughlin (Occupational Therapist/Director, OT Solutions.)

Orthotics – ‘Reclaiming Mobility and Preventing Amputation?’   Prosthetics – ‘Partial Hand Prosthetic Solutions; an MDT approach for a forgotten cohort’: Ian Talbot, Toby Carlsson and Rosie Carr, Pace Rehabilitation Ltd.)

An Introduction to LimbPower:  Andy Brittles (Sports Development Officer, LimbPower.)

How to Organise Multidisciplinary Post-Acute Rehabilitation for Real Life Outcomes – using the International Classification of Function: Ruth Kent (Consultant and Senior Lecturer in Neurological Rehabilitation.)

Litigation, Rehabilitation and the Road to Recovery: Chris Smith and Steve Cook.

Finding the Way Through the Fog:  Identifying key factors and issues for an injured person and attempting to compensate for these within any claim. Amy Fielding (Senior Associate, Stewarts.)

The Importance of Compensation Claims in Reclaiming Identities: Gerard McDermott QC